Race Rules

1. All Races will be conducted by the officials of the Delhi Athletic Authority as per
standard regulations.
2. The judgment of the race officials will be final on all matters.
3. For 50m and 100m races there will be heats and subsequently semi-finals and finals.
4. For all other race distances it will be Time Trial final. (Best timer will be considered
5. Start Rules :.
a. Runners not at start line at announced time will be considered no-show and
disqualified from race
b. False start on gun shot will be disqualified after one warning
c. Shoes with Spikes above 10mm will not be allowed
d. 100mtrs , 200mtrs and 400 mtrs must run in designated lanes or will be
e. For races of 400 m and above there will be curve start
6. Long Jump/ High jump/ Shot put 3 trials will be given best attempt to be considered
7. Shot Put boys 3Kg and Girls 2 Kg
8. High Jump Minimum height clearance 1 mtr
9. Water stations will provided.
10. Please ensure Bib is worn on chest with no obstruction to view.

Event at: To be announced.

Date: To be announced.

Email: info@sportygo.in

Contact No.: +91-9811222747, +91-8448901781

Timings: To be announced

Supported by DAA

Under the aegis of AFI