Terms & Conditions

SPOTRYGO (“The Event”)

Krish Fitness Academy (“the Organisers”)

I agree that I am participating in the event at my own risk and take full responsibility for my safety and actions during the event. By attending or joining this event, if any harm, injury, loss, liability or damage is caused to me or my ward, I and/or any of my family members or representatives shall not hold the organisers or its administrator, members and organizers of the event liable or responsible for the same.

I/We the Parent/s of the participant understand the risk involved in enrolling my child in Sportygo. I/We absolve Sportygo, its associates and partners of any injury sustained physically, mentally or emotionally during the race. I/We take total responsibility for the enrolment of my child/myself for Sportygo. All mandatory requirements (name, age, email addresses and phone numbers) have been correctly given by me at the time of registration and all information may be sent to the provided communication details.

Participation in the Event is subject to the following terms and conditions:

1. Only those properly registered and having an official race number bib for SPORTYGO can take part in the Event.

2. Only all registered athletes aged 6-16 will be admitted in the race. All Participants will need consent from a parent or guardian. Proof of identity and age will be required.

3. No extra club or federation membership will be required. Your entry/ registration fee covers all fees.

4. Events timings will be notified closer to the date of the event.

5. There will be separate races for girls and boys. Depending upon age & race categories, exact race time slots will be allocated and intimated on submitted contact details.

6. While collecting the bib, participant or representative must carry with him/her the email confirmation sent at the time of registration along with Photo ID. Participant needs to show original age certificate while collecting the BIB

7. Every participant should carefully read the race information placed on the website and sent to each individual in the race pack and on emails from time to time.

8. There will be a briefing for race rules at the time of bib collection. These rules will also be on our website. Please note it is compulsory for all in the age group of 6-8 to attend. We will not be liable for any disqualification due to non compliance of the race rules.

9. The organizers reserve the right to disqualify a participant in case of any discrepancy being found in the application/ document or in the performance, at any point of time.

10. Photo finish cameras at the finish line will be used for individual timing and your official timings and ranking will be available on our website after 24 hrs of race conclusion.

11. Every participant will get finisher medal after completion of the race

12. Winners will also get medals and Cash Prizes.

13. Every participant shall make sure that his/her health is in a condition that allows him/her to take part in the Event, and consult a doctor if necessary. However, a basic FIRST AID medical facility will be provided in case of any emergency/ injuries.

14. The organisers reserve the right to stop any participant who is found medically unfit in the opinion of the medical personnel present on the ground at the event.

15. He/she shall have proper sports footwear and clothing. Participants are supposed to maintain cleanness at the Stadium and do not cause any damages to the Government premises.

16. A participant must comply with instructions and directions given by the Organiser, the officials and race referees/ coaches. Referees decision will be final for all race categories.

17. Parents are not allowed to come on track while any racing event is going on. They should occupy stadium spectator’s seats.

18. Please note that the registration fee mentioned in the participation entry form will not be refunded if the candidate fails to participate in the event.

19. Each participant may participate in more than single run. He/ She are allowed to participate in multiple events based on registration.

20. The participant/guardian hereby gives consent for use of pictures taken during the event for future promotions or display.

21. The applicant accepts the terms and conditions of participation and the regulations by clicking the relevant field in the ONLINE registration form;

22. Acceptance form must be signed by a parent or guardian who at the same time confirms his/her acceptance of the terms and conditions of participation at the time of bib collection.

23. The right to take part in the Event is non-transferable.

24. Payment is accepted online through event registration link

In case of payments through Credit Cards, if the money cannot be collected due to insufficient funds, cover of account or revocation by the applicant then he/ she cannot participate in the Event.

25. All race information packs, including race number, will have to be collected by the participant on Bib Collection Day before the Event. Exact Date & Venue will be intimated through SMS and emails.

26. No participant will be allowed inside the holding area without the running bib. No bibs will be distributed on the main race day.

27. The participant understands that there is a No refund & Cancellation Policy for registration.


If the Event is cancelled because of circumstances of force majeure, the fee will be refunded.

If the Event is postponed because of circumstances of force majeure, the participant’s entry will be deferred to the new date for the Event. In this case, the participant can either join the next event or can claim back fees amount

All claims will be forfeited for no-shows.

Event Date: 3 November 2019

Event at: To be announced.

Date: To be announced.

Email: info@sportygo.in

Contact No.: +91-9811222747, +91-8448901781

Timings: To be announced

Supported by DAA

Under the aegis of AFI